What to see

Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful and majestic destinations to visit on your summer vacations to Greece. The clear blue waters and the nature surrounding the island will give your the best time of your life.

Natures Paradise

Marathonisi Islan

Across the coast of Keri , lies the island of Marathonisi, that imposingly jewels the gulf of Laganas. The island has two reefs, called Pontikonisia, that in the old times were linked to the cape of Marathias. The nature there is pure exotic as the island has no inhabitants.

In the north-west of the island, tall bluffs are raised. In the long gold sandy beach that unfolds like a tongue in the sea, the turtles Caretta-Caretta make their nests.

Magical Sea

Keri Caves

The beautiful coasts of Keri reach the 18 kilometres, create innumerable beaches, creeks and natural ports. The combination of the mountaneous landscape, the astonishing precipices and the full of mystery caves, makes this area a paradise for every diver or householder of a boat.
Ashore, the colour of water frequently takes a blue-green color from the reflections of the sun, and several times takes a silvercolor. The landscape is astonishing.

Relaxation Time

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is a charming traditional Greek village located between Laganas and Keri and it is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The village is named after a 16 th Century Church dedicated to Saint Sostis. The village of Agios Sostis is flat but has the attractive backdrop of mountains in the distance. The beach here is lovely, sandy with clear waters. Visiting Marathonisi makes for a fun day out to enjoy the splendid beaches the small island has to offer and also the chance to glimpse the turtles, boat trips are available to the island or small boats can be hired.

Unique Experience

Smugglers Cove

On the north west coast of the Greek Ionian island of Zakynthos you will find Shipwreck Cove or Smugglers Cove  also called Navagio Beach which is probably the most famous beach in Greece and can only be accessed by boat but is well worth the trip. A boat was shipwrecked back in 1980 after hitting rocks in bad weather while being pursued by the Greek Navy who suspected it was carrying contraband cigarettes.

The most beautiful beach

Gerakas Beach

Gerakas is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches on Zakynthos (Zante). It is a long sandy beach and is a nesting place for the Caretta Caretta turtles.
Like other beaches on the south coast of the island it belongs to the National Marine Park which works hard to protect the wildlife in the area. No water sports or beach bars are available in order to keep noise and disruption to the turtles to a minimum; this has also helped maintain the beauty and serenity of this splendid beach. It is also forbidden to stick umbrellas in the sand because of turtle nests in certain parts of the beach.